How it all began:

Thousand Islands Martial Arts was founded by a group of parents, instructors, and individuals united in their appreciation of the Martial Arts because of their concern for it's diminishing presence in our community. In July of 2001, this group pulled together it's limited resources to create a community oriented club to keep the passion for the Martial Arts alive for our children.

In 1983 Sensei Bob Mueller of Victoria, B.C. moved to Brockville and established the "Bob Muellers Martial Arts Academy" as part of a fitness enterprise called the "Shape Up Shop". His wife, Paula ran an aerobics studio. The original dojo was located on Broad Street where Broad St. Billiards is now doing business.
About 1985, Sensei Mueller made a bold move and purchased an old church on Court House Square and opened a state of the art fitness facility and dojo. Shortly after, he expanded and added a dojo in Kingston. The first generation of Black Belts were Dan Coles, Mike Sweeny, and Steve Stranges in 1985. The following year, in 1986, the second generation of Black Belts included; Bob Noonan, Laura Fry, Bob McNeil, and Marty Southin.
In the late 1980's Sensei Mueller sold the weight room portion of business. Shortly thereafter the building was ravaged by a series of fires and condemned. The dojo held classes for a time at the Shrine Hall.
In the early 1990's Sensei Mueller moved back to B.C., leaving the Brockville dojo under the leadership of Dan Coles. By this time the school was part of SuperKids Karate, under the direction of Harold Warden and Wally Slocki. The dojo spent time located at the Memorial Centre before moving into Brockville Shopping Centre.
There was a period when it was located on North Augusta road, from there it moved to a location on Parkedale Avenue, across from TISS. In the latter part of the 1990's, Dan Coles sold interest of the school to Grant Joron.
In a money saving move, Grant moved the school to the top floor of the Arvic Plaza on William St. From there, the school was moved to a location on Highway 29. When the school began to fail economically, Grant closed the doors in 2001. It looked like the end, but a determined group of parents that included Valerie Cummings who is now the owner kept the school alive at a gym in TISS high school. In 2002, TIMA opened at its current location on John Street. This school can trace its direct lineage back to "Bob Muellers Martial Arts Academy".